AUB SVP is a Brussels company with a passion for catering. Under the leadership of engineer-architect and chef Joris Lens, we work on the most diverse projects in which sustainable food is central.

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Seasonal fruits and vegetables are better for the environment because they can be grown without additional heating. They have a higher nutritional value and - not unimportantly - more flavor!

Our food consists mainly of products that were produced in Belgium. By consuming local food, polluting transport is largely avoided.

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All our food is fresh, homemade and pure. We regularly use ingredients that are extremely nutritious and beneficial to health. Think of goji or cranberries, various nuts and seeds, olive oil, fresh tomato and garlic, and so on. Delicious food for a life full of energy!

In 2016 we wrote a book together with Lannoo about minimizing food surpluses. We apply the principles used in this book every day in our kitchen, but also outside it. For example, our terrace furniture from Café De Markten is made entirely from reclaimed wood and we gave a second life to already used chairs, tables and lamps for the indoor furniture. When we use disposable packaging, it always consists of biodegradable material.

Most of our dishes contain only plantbased products: plants, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. Plant-based food is healthy, good for the environment and, above all, very tasty!

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